Below are the steps necessary to install the Messenger Stationery Builder program. When given an option of either running, opening or saving the files, select run or open and follow the on-screen instructions (always choose to install when asked).

  1. 1. If you have previously installed the Stationery Builder application, please uninstall it before continuing to step #2. (To uninstall navigate to the Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows Control Panel. Select the Messenger Stationery Builder program from the list and click the 'Remove' button. This will remove any previously installed versions of the application.THIS WILL NOT AFFECT CASE PROFILES OR STATIONERY PREVIOUSLY ENTERED).

  2. Install the Messenger Stationery Builder
After installing the Messenger Stationery Builder, future upgrades to the program will be available for automatic download and installation. It will be necessary for you to be connected to the internet for this feature to function, however it is not necessary for you to be connected to the internet to use the program to create stationery.

If you need assistance, please call (800) 799-1940 to speak with a support representative or email
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